​​"We Turn Your Memories Into Stone"

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Local: 541.826.1370

Eagle Point, OR 97524

Big or small ... We engrave 'em all

Do you live in an area that has stones specific to your landscape or do you have a stone in your yard that you just love?

You can send it in and have us put your address on it or make it a 

"Welcome to Our Home"

Were you on a vacation and found a perfect stone to help remember the time?

Now you can take that token to the next level...

Send it in to us and have us engrave a special message.

Maybe the location where you found it? Who was there with you...

Maybe you just want a special message for yourself.

Walking the beach on your honeymoon or anniversary and found a rock that represents your love perfectly?

Let us make it even more special!!

Every year you can add to your collection of "love rocks" 

Pricing is based on the size of stone.

Please Contact Us for information on how to have your personal stone done!