​​"We Turn Your Memories Into Stone"

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Big or small ... We engrave 'em all

Not sure what to say? Wondering what they might like on their stone and where they may want to put it. If you just cannot decide and would like for the person you are gifting it to to be able to make the decisions themselves...well you can do that!

Purchase a Gift Certificate! You can decide what size you would like to pay for and then they can take it from there. We can either email the certificate to you for printing, send straight to the recipient or we can print off on a card-stock paper and mail out to you! Whichever you prefer. We keep all certificate information on file and they never expire! 
There is a $1 fee for gift certificate processing.

We also allow upgrades so if you pay for a medium the recipient is welcome to upgrade to a large for just the additional amount. All pricing includes the Shipping Cost. If you would like to add an additional amount or would like to just make the certificate for a specific amount please Contact Us

We are sorry but at this time you cannot place a custom amount order online.

This is the perfect option if you want to get someone a Memorial Stone but maybe the loss is too soon.

Or for someone moving that will be starting a new garden but taking the stone would be too much.

Whatever the reason a Gift Certificate will always be welcome. Plus they are great because if you choose the email option 
either to you or the recipient it could be received in as few as 24 business hours 
(Monday through Thursday 9am to 3pm PST)  
So if you are in a panic for that awesome last minute gift, this may just be the right thing!!

If you wish for an actual certificate to be mailed to you we suggest you allow for 3-4 business days for delivery. 
We are sorry but we will not send GC without an amount filled in.

Yes we offer Gift Certificates!!