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Big or small ... We engrave 'em all

It happens!!

While we package the stones to the best of our ability using whatever means we can to make sure the stone arrives in one piece to you...It happens! Yes the sometimes unavoidable breakage.

All orders are automatically insured up to $50

However additional coverage is recommended on some of the orders to cover your whole purchase

It breaks down like this:

Right now you are purchasing a large stone ($139.99), you add insurance ($10.50) plus S&H ($25.62)

Your Total is $176.11

If the stone breaks or is lost in shipping then we would redo the stone for you at no additional cost.

If you had not purchased the insurance then we would replace the stone for you but you would be responsible for $115.61 ($139.99+$25.62-$50.00) as only $50.00 was covered by automatic insurance coverage on the original purchase.

I will confess I am the worst about buying insurance and warranties as I usually figure how often will I need it so have I wasted my money? And in all truth I can honestly say we probably only have a stone break every couple of months, it really is a rare occasion...however that being said it does happen!!

We recommend the purchase of additional insurance and will do everything we can to ensure that your package arrives safely and in tact regardless of if you have it or not!! It is our highest priority that it make it to you in one piece!

Trust me it is tragic for us as we have selected that particular stone as "the one" and it is sad if something happens!  

Insurance cannot be added after the stone has been shipped and it is not refundable.  

Contact us if you have any questions