​​"We Turn Your Memories Into Stone"

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Big or small ... We engrave 'em all

​Our Family and New Baby Stones are not only perfect for your own garden but also to gift to your extended family and friends.

Make a centerpiece stone and then add names of children and grandchildren as they come along. They are truly a gift that you can continue to give every year and not feel like you are just duplicating, an addition is perfect!

When a new baby comes along you can commemorate the day with a stone noting the baby's name, date born, height and weight...What better way to say hello to a new addition of yours or a friends family!

**Special Idea: Purchase stones for each of your children and grandchildren to place in your yard or garden. As your children move on and buy their own homes pass the stones on to them so they may display for themselves.

They can then continue the tradition for their growing family!
Or get two sets so you always have one for yourself!!
And don't forget the pet members of your family either,

everyone needs their own rock! 

You will never have to wonder every year what to buy for them as you can grow their collection!